Ba Gua Zhang

 (We Teach Jiang style after Jiang Rong Qiao's)  

Ba Gua Zhang, or Pa Kua Chang, The term Ba (Ba meaning eight), and (Gua meaning trigram) Ba Gua is the youngest of internal arts, was created by Tung Hai Chuan in 1876. Because of the twisting dragon like body movements and the-snake like coiling of the arms, Ba Gua has become one of the most complex of the Taoist internal Wu Tang system. The original form of Ba Gua Zhang is said to be the oldest of all the Ba Gua forms. Ba Gua Zhang is done walking in a circle, It is within this circle that we create and from it that we draw all our energy. The masters believe that within the circle lies the mystery of immortality and therefore they place the trigrams in set patterns from which to draw life. Two of the diagrams in the I-Ching are the square and the circle.

(Ba Gua Zhang - Pa Kua Chang)

Eight Trigrams Palm

The mastery of Ba Gua Zhang is in the fundamentals, of practice. It is wise to walk the circle to gain the moving fluid changes found in Ba Gua Zhang. Circle walking will develop the awareness of connectivity.

There is many style of Ba Gua the school teach's Jiang Rong Qiao's Original Form of Ba Gua Zhang.

Chiang Jung Chiao
also known as
Jiang Rong Qiao

Included in our Ba Gua - Pa Kua system

8 Static palms with Applications

8 Palms Changes With Applications

8 Poles Changes and Applications

Ba Gua Continuous Form

With Applications

 Ba Gua Wooden Man With Applications

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